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While not as exciting as creating, maintenance is the most important word in your web site vocabulary. Keep your site fresh with frequent updates and increase return visits by adding content. Introduce new pages for specific ideas and  products and simultaneously aid in search engine rankings. dpcars provides continuous improvement to your content without interuptions and under construction signs. Develop a maintenance schedule for your web site and feel confident you will be up and running from the moment of update.

Please call 414-940-3958 for your maintenace estimates.

Be Pro Active Provide your customers and future clients with a reason to revisit. Ask yourself, " Why should anyone browse our web site a second time? How can we keep them coming back time and again?"


  • content updates
  • meta tags
  • revisions
  • rework layouts
  • add pages to meet specific needs
  • modify pages to provide better rankings in the search engines
  • new images
  • new products
  • new personnel
  • parallel marketing campaign
  • link building 

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