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Hosting options abound today. One can find nearly an infinite variety  of hosting solutions. What is right for you? Does it make economic sense to share domains on a server or have your own server in house. Who watches over your equipment? What is the server up time? What applications can I run? How secure is my site? Does the host have backup generation equipment? How will I manage my web site? What about traffic and site statistics? Bulletin boards? Chat rooms ... ?

dpcars works with the small business owner or start up entrepreneur solving your hosting problem. Many solutions can be found for under $25 per month including generous web site disk space, bandwidth, e-mail accounts and merchant account services. Please note when dpcars sets up your web site you will know where it resides and who actually is hosting it. We skip the middle man and put you into direct contact with the host reducing cost and risk. If you would prefer us to handle all aspects of your web hosting, no problem.

If you are looking for your first domain call us to get one parked and get your site started. If you already have a host we are willing to work with them. If you want to change hosts we will help you find a better one. dpcars will assist you in your domain transfers. We want to get your domain established with the best host for you.


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