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 So you have the best widget site on the Internet but when you search for widgets a competitor's site is at the top of every search engine a dozen times and you search for your own site and can't find it. Why? Welcome to the ever emerging and constantly changing area of the search engines. Develop a safe and predictable strategy to deal with the search engine technologies and build your Internet presence.

The web guys submitted the site to 800 search engines and we still aren't getting traffic. They even talked about meta tags. We show up in some and not others. What is going on?  If they only worked on the meta tags you definitely need help. If you don't see progressively more traffic and good hits you need more help.

dpcars uses state of the art technology to get your site submitted properly.

What is SPAM? Why is it bad? Is it true my site can be penalized in rank or even black listed? How can I boost my ranking in the search engines safely? dpcars will answer your questions

Search Engines

  • Why are they important ?
  • Which are the most important?
  • Can anyone guarantee my position in a search engine?
  • How soon after submission will I be listed?
  • How do I improve my site ranking?
  • What are key words and meta tags?
  • Where is my site ranked?
  • How can we keep track of this?

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